What is Quest?

The world's most advanced water treatment system

 Quest is the only solution available today. The highest quality pool sanitiser using no chemicals , environmentally friendly and manufactured by a global electronics group. Buy now online or contact one of our distributors today and find out why you should convert your pool be it a domestic or a commercial pool.

when only the best will do you need quest.
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Your wall mounted electronic control unit or ECU is supplied with a wall mounted kit. Supplied with an pulsed magnetic chamber ,electronic oxidising system , electronic oxidiser , electrodes , ion testing kit , operators and installation manual.

It looks straight forward to use and is exactly that as it has been designed to be operated quick and easy. Quest is often confused as a normal pool ioniser that always need a secondary sanitiser. Quest is not . It is however the most powerful pulsed magnetic chamber ,oxidiser combination. Then the third process uses a biocidal  certified copper and silver ionisation assembly . Normal pool ionisers use high concentration of ions , the Quest system is very low ,  20% less than compared that found in normal tap water. This means the Quest Q1 is the worlds most innovative and efficient , eco friendly , cost effective system on the market today.

By simply installing a Quest Q1 system into your pool you are not only giving the chemical free benefits to your family and friends but you will be having a massive impact on the environment. Plus there is no need to have the pump on all the time , saving at least 50-70%  in electricity consumption.

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