Should pool pump run continuously?

Should pool pump run continuously?

One of the advantages I like about my QUEST pool sanitizer is the fact I don’t have to use the pump for as long as my friends do on their saltwater and UV pools. The cost of electricity is becoming more and more expensive and this is a big reason why I purchased a QUEST ioniser and oxidiser and de-scaler two years ago.

The QUEST system has a timer so you can decide when you want to use the system if you are away from home and want the pool to be crystal clear when you get home.

 I use this function many times on the system.

Should pool pump run continuously?

The reason why I save so much money is the fact that when the QUEST system has been running consistently for example for two days you can simply switch the pool pump off. The water is then abundant with positively charged copper and silver ions which then attack the amino residue and algae cells that are used in photosynthesis. The ions are then buoyant in the water, they don’t need to be pumped out of the pool as would UV or salt water treated pools.

Salt chlorinator convert into liquid chlorine , this again needs constant water flow to break down the salt crystals. The UV systems need water to be pumped through the water chamber constantly.

Variable speed pumps can also be used in conjunction with our system. Most pumps can be plugged directly into the QUEST electronic control unit. This enables you to use a timer that is built into the unit and set the water flow to either hourly, daily or weekly. If you have ever had a salt water chlorinator or chlorine system you know that you need a constant flow of water.

We have had numerous figures from customers who have used our QUEST system, but on average with reduced pump run times, you will save a minimum of 50% of your running costs. Our system running for 1 hour per day can sanitize 10,000 litres.

What instances should I Run the pump continuously?

So if you don’t have a QUEST system then you should do the following :

  1. If you shock the pool, give it a very large dose of chemicals then you will need to run the pump continuously for at least 24 hours or so to ensure that all the chemicals are spread around the pool.
  2. If the pool looks cloudy, and you can’t see the bottom run the pump.
  3. If you have lots of friends over especially children who may have accidents in the pool, wear lots of sun cream, eating and drinking around the pool.
  4. After a recent storm or down poor. Run the pump and clear out the water and either add chemicals or use your QUEST system at maximum current flow.

Will using a variable speed pump save you money?

Using a variable speed pump will definitely save you time and money. If you are obviously running it at a low speed it will consume much less electricity and save you money. You could save as much as 50% using a variable speed pump and in conjunction with a QUEST system even more!

If your old pump is not a variable pump, looks old and worn  and noisy it may be worth replacing it with a variable speed pump.

Using the pool pump in the winter

If you live in a variable climate its best to winterise your pool by covering it and if it gets below freezing run the pump to ensure the water in the pipes and plumbing does not freeze. It will depend how cold the temperature drops to gauge how long you should run the pump for.

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