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Should I Put a Natural Swimming Pool in the Backyard?

Natural swimming pools are simply the best type of pool you can have. Why not swim in a freshwater pool from someone like Quest?

For many years all that has been available has been chlorine, saltwater chlorinators, and mineral systems using magnesium and potassium (these convert to chlorine, no different from a saltwater tablet). Combined with a secondary sanitizer such as Ozone or Ultraviolet. Now you can use our natural swimming pool system to replace your current system.

There is nothing better than having a swimming pool in your garden or backyard. Especially in the spring and summer months, making your outdoor living space simply awesome. The other benefit is it will increase the value of your property, especially if the prospective buyers know it’s a freshwater natural swimming pool by Quest.

No chemicals are needed to be added to the pool water. The operation cycle within the Quest unit will produce some chlorine. This is at a level that no other sanitation system can compete with, at a level of only 0.5-1.5 parts per million produced. You need to only monitor the pH level and the level of copper and silver in the pool water.Natural Swimming Pool, Freshwater pool, freshwater pools, freshwater pool system, spa ,pool, swimming pool,

The ionization process, using copper, will be harmful to any fish living in your pool. The copper ions attach to fish gills and will kill the fish. If you intend to have fish actually in the water, this will not be possible with any system that uses ionization as a sanitization method. That said, the water quality produced by our freshwater system is good enough to drink and is perfect to irrigate your garden, shrubs, flower beds, etc.

Having a natural freshwater pool is not also good for your health but also for the environment in many ways, these include the following :

1. No secondary sanitizer is needed:

i.e. no chlorine, Ozone, UV. This makes purchasing a freshwater natural swimming pool system more affordable than any other system, as you do not need to buy a secondary sanitizer.

2. Pump needs only to be on a few hours a week.
So saves you 50-70% electricity costs against UV or Ozone systems. As the system only sanitizes the size of the pool and then stops saving thousands of dollars of electricity costs. For example, if you have a 50,000 ltr pool the Quest fresh water system will sanitize at the rate of, 10000 per hour. This means the system only needs to be on for five hours a day to completely sanitize the pool. Plus, if you only have low bather loads, i.e. 2-3 people, then the system can be set on a timer to come on for only 2 or 3 days per week.

3. No chemicals are to be purchased.

Quest Q1 does not use salt. No sodium, no magnesium, and no potassium in its daily operation. The system gives the pool crystal clear water, you can even drink the water, it’s that good. The reason is that we use electronics to sanitize the water. The system gives off 0.5-1.5 ppm of chlorine, this is very low and this is why we do not need to add chemicals. Added to these, other benefits include a 50-70% reduction in pump running time, electronic descaling of the filtration system, plus many more benefits.

4. Backwash.

The system produces less chlorine content than tap drinking water. The same system has been used by NASA since the 1960s and is used by all airlines to purify water rather than using chemicals.
The water if you need to change it can be used for irrigation in your garden, to wash your car, or for storage if required.

5. No red eye or skin or breathing side effects.

As there are no chemicals added to the water and the chlorine is virtually zero, you will find using a natural pool you will not get eye irritation. This is a great health benefit and also will enable you to swim underwater if that is what you prefer.

6. Reduce or no effect to irritate your skin.

Especially if you are prone to psoriasis or eczema. Once you get out of the pool, your skin won’t be all dried up. Plus, you won’t need to shower as you will have been swimming in a freshwater pool.

Making a big capital gain when selling your house with a fresh water natural pool.

Australia has an impressive 1.2 million homes with backyard swimming pools. With its low population, it means that it has the world’s highest per capita rate of pool ownership. The majority of homeowners said having a pool has increased the value of their property.
Some leading real estate experts in Queensland, Australia, say that a swimming pool or plunge pool in your backyard can add as much as five and seven percent to the value of your home. An HGTV report that the average size pool with a natural swimming pool could raise your property value to as much as eight percent.
A market survey was carried out and found that 90% of swimming pool owners said they valued their homes, and the average increase was in the region of $40,000 Australian dollars. However, this would depend on the size of the pool and the location of the property. In some cases, the value increased as much as $100,000.

Make sure you live in the right area and your pool will add value to your home.
It makes sense that having a pool in the correct geographical area will add value to your home. A pool located in an area with hot weather for most of the year will increase the value of your home. Whereas building a pool for a property would decrease the value.
For example, if you build a house in sun-soaked South California, this would add on average around $95,000 to the value of your home. This is because it has sun nearly all year round. If, however, you built a pool in the Rhode Island or Boston area, this would be detrimental to the house value as you won’t have many sunny days in a year to use your pool!
Consider ROI in getting the best return on investment from a pool build.
There are several design ideas for building a pool that would help increase the resale value of your property. These are a few ideas for helping you sell your home with a pool.
Number one, look after your pool all year round. Regular maintenance for the life of the pool so it does not go into disrepair or be expensive to put right at the time of sale. Fix any cracks in the tiles, pool surround, and concrete. Make sure it looks perfect.

Make sure all current safety building regulations are up-to-date. Some states and territories may be different from others. Install where required safety fencing, water sensor alarm systems, and door alarms. These are all in place to make owning a pool safe for children and also pets and wildlife.

Decking and surrounds. Make sure the decking, patio area, and outdoor dining area if close to the pool are all in excellent condition, and make sure the tiles, stone, or wood flooring are all in immaculate condition.

The last thing to consider is when you are staging the home and pool when selling your home on the open house day. Make sure everything is immaculate, one massive advantage of selling a home with a freshwater natural pool such as a Quest system is that the potential buyers will be amazed when they see the pool due to no scent of chemicals such as the chloramines from chlorine. This will add to the WOW factor.
Make sure the garden furniture is clean, lay the table with flowers or wine and glasses, add some pot plants, and on the sun loungers place some carefully folded beach towels.

Just get the outside ready for those potential buyers who just want to jump into the swimming pool and imagine themselves having dinner afterward looking at the pool.

One last suggestion, try and get the viewings at dusk so when you have cleaned your underwater pool lighting it simply looks amazing, especially when the water is crystal clear as it’s a natural freshwater swimming pool.

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