How to treat pool water for the first time

How to treat pool water for the first time

The technical term for this is called commissioning which is a term used for most sanitization systems be it in our case using electrolysis. People ask how to treat pool water for the first time and with the system from Queensland Semiconductor Technologies or QUEST for short, it’s a very simple straightforward operation if you read the instructions.

 Commissioning your QUEST pool.

Most processes are very similar when it comes to commissioning your pool water for the first time there are only a few processes that are different. These processes are balancing the Ph levels, the alkalinity and the calcium consistency which is virtually the same as any other sanitisers.

Most swimming pool owners want to jump into their pool as soon as the builders leave! With the Quest system it does take a while to get the process of ionisation into the pool water. So, you can add chlorine in liquid format into your pool if you can’t wait. Once the pool levels of ph and alkalinity are reached there is no need to add chlorine after this period. 

Once the required levels of chemical balance are obtained by the Quest system DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CARRY OUT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES:


QUEST will produce drinking water quality but please don’t drink it as a form of refreshment after all it’s your swimming pool. You do need a few additives to get the quality perfect to swim in these are:

  • Pool acid and sodium bicarbonate to initially balance the ph levels and alkalinity.
  • Calcium Chloride to achieve a 150-2200 ppm CH residual.
  • Two 20kg sacks of pool sodium chloride depending on water volume to achieve a final required tds(total dissolved solids) level of 1000-1200ppm. Smaller pools such as plunge pools only require around eight to ten kilograms once the calcium hardness and total alkalinity are at a balanced level.

The IONISER process:

The initial copper ionisation ie releasing copper ions into the pool water needs to be done at a slow controlled rate. The Electronic control unit or ECU needs both dials turned up to full to give the pool at least twenty-four hours of run time to give the pool water enough time to absorb the copper ions. The actually running time you need to run the ECU on maximum will depend on the pool size. You will need to use a copper test strip in the water to test the copper level is at the correct level of 0.2 to 0.4 ppm. It is always worth remembering to turn the pool ioniser dials back down to minimum, if you have a pool service engineer who can’t get back to you for a few days it’s worth you doing this yourself. In some instances, customers have ended up overdosing the pool and then it turnsgreen because the ioniser has been left on full power and no one turned it down. Plus, it will use the copper rods quicker if you left it running. The silver is incorporated within the smelting of the copper rods, the percentage is only 2% but the silver reacts when the positively charged ions are released into the pool water. They act as an antibacterial agent and kills the outer membranes of microorganisms that are present in the water such as cryptosporidium and giardia. These bacteria are highly resistant to chlorine and can survive for days.

How to treat pool water for the first time

Oxidisation of the pool water is the second part of the QUEST process. You do need to add a little salt in the initial set up to help the electrical charge of the copper and silver ions to flow as water is actually an insulator. You only need to add around 1000 ppm of tds the oxidiser readout should then reach its maximum required output of 15 amps on the display on the ECU when the dial is turned fully to maximum.

The oxidiser knob should always run on the maximum setting to enable maximum production and flow of the positively charged ions and will enable you to have short pump running times to keep your running costs down.

When you run the oxidiser always run it at the maximum setting which will read on the digital display on the ECU of 14-15. When you are adjusting the oxidiser is has no effect on the ioniser output. You can adjust the copper content by using the ioniser dial.


The third process in the QUEST system is the de-scaler, this is an electrical circuit around the circumference of the wet end unit that the water flows through. The water is positively charged and this slows down and inhibits the hard calcium compound that develops around the pool and into the pool plumbing. It will not stop the Calcium build up but just make the calcium form in more of a powder than a solid compound. 

So here are a few points that you should know how to treat pool water for the first time.

  • Copper levels and the water Ph levels need to be on the lower side .So the Ph balance of the water should be 7.1-7.5 and the copper should be around 0.2-0.4 ppm
  • Try and check the copper levels on a weekly basis, we supply you with a copper test kit with each system supplied.
  • Once the initial set up is complete and the ioniser has been running on maximum for around 24 hours then turn the dial down. Then after this check it every two to four weeks or until you have found the correct level.
  • If you can run the water around ph levels nearer 7.0 ppm then you will improve all facets of pool functions, reduced running costs, reduced maintenance costs with less staining , scaling and more important more of a healthier swim and less chemicals means you fell great helping to rebuild the environment.

Copper test kits.

Before you use the copper, test kits make sure the water ph levels have remained between 7.5ppm for around 8 hours prior to start your copper test. You can then adjust the ioniser output to adjust the levels of copper that you need to obtain the correct balance to keep the water at the correct level. Once you have found the correct level then you do not need to turn the dial, just keep it set and you don’t need to adjust it. You may need to only adjust it for seasonal variations to have that optimum swimming pool pleasure.

Please note if a copper test is taken and the Ph level is high in will give you a false reading, this may allow the copper levels to become higher than what is required. Also, if you run the pool with a high PH level this can also have a detrimental effect causing higher than normal de scaling, staining and the water become uncomfortable to swim in.

NOTE: If thph is as close to neutral the water is at optimum condition to give you the bather a perfect swimming experience and also avoids corrosion, but do not let the ph level get below 7.0 as it becomes acidic .

The daily copper test can be effected in two ways. These being :

1.The position of the dial on the Electronic control unit

2.The daily run hour of the QUEST system

The copper and silver levels will continue to increase over time and the more you use the system. Just make sure you check the copper levels in the pool especially in seasonal changes. The system can actually be turned off for several months if required due to the number of ambient ions sanitising the pool water. Unlike most other swimming pools sanitisers, the copper and silver do not evaporate therefore the residual level of copper and silver will not deplete.

How to treat pool water for the first time

The QUEST system will work 100% perfect is the residual level of copper and silver with the ioniser and pump turned off giving you the most cost-effective and safe water sanitiser on the market.

So, to summarize test the pool water in this order: Total Alkalinity, PH Level, Copper test.

The QUEST pool system may sound more technically difficult to operate than just throwing chemicals in to the swimming pool, but please be assure that once you have spent a few weeks operating the QUEST you will find that it is a unique sanitiser that will allow you not only reduce your running costs by reducing your pump run time, but giving you a healthy swim especially if you have any medical conditions in breathing , and skin conditions that don’t allow you to bath in chemicals.

By using the ioniser , oxidiser and de scaler enables you to learn how to treat pool waterwithout using chlorine and chemicals on weekly and daily basis.

Quest is the future in swimming pool technology, so go on … jump in


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