commercial Water Purification systems

The world's most advanced water treatment system

It’s not just swimming pools we are designing and manufacturing our leading technology for. We have many projects underway across the globe using our advanced electronic manufacturing capabilities and knowledge. Using fresh water our systems offers drinking water quality sanitisation.

For example working with mosques across the middle east purifying water to cleanse the hands and feet without loosing water in the drains or with chemicals ; using recycled water in fresh water tanks to fight fires in places such as Australia and not being concerned if the water is contaminated with chemicals which could enhance bush fires or harm the environment.

Protection against legionnaire’s disease when offices and schools have been closed due to COVID 19.  The water supplies have gone stagnant  but our systems keep the water virus free and pure with active copper and silver ions , again no chemicals. 

The future in water purification is with QUEST. Contact us now and don’t delay if you have the urgency of using this amazing technology to look after your valuable water supplies.